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Eczema is a common, recurring skin condition characterized by a dry, flaky, itchy rash. Doctors and scientists continue to learn more about what causes eczema and how to treat it. Eczema has been known to affect up to 20% of the world's population (1.37 billion people). Eczema sufferers also become prone to bacterial and viral infections. RxZema® has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients.

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Panel members reported a reduction of eczema symptoms ranging from 49% to 92% in a two-week
clinical study.
The eczema symptoms that were measured include: reduction in redness, relief from itching, healing of cracked and damaged skin, improvement in dryness and a feeling of soothed skin.

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  • 100% All Natural.  See Ingredients
  • Helps to Repair Damaged Skin.
  • Effectively treats small or large areas of eczema.
  • Safe for all age groups including infants
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • No prescription required.
  • No reported side effects.
  • Medically proven ingredients. See Ingredients
  • Non-greasy texture.

"I've used every product on the market for my eczema and let me tell you most products require constant re-application to come close to helping. I simply don't have the time. RxZema® is not only soothing, but stays in place and isn't easily absorbed by my skin. It's the only thing that's come close to relief. "

Rachel S., Vermont

"Thanks to RxZema®, I have a new lease on life. The redness on my neck is greatly reduced and my social life is back. What I really want is a cure, but this is the next best thing.THANKS!!"

Lauren L., New York

"A while ago, my stress levels had caused my eczema to reach an uncontrollable state. Nothing worked as well as RxZema®. The long road to relief has caused me to rethink my previous, purely pharmaceutical approach. I am now well stocked with RxZema® just in case."

Brian M., New Jersey

"It was really so easy to use and I didn't have to wait for relief. My itchiness went away almost instantly and the moisturizing effect is dramatic. Thanks RxZema®!"

Andrea H., Arizona

"My wife was concerned about my eczema breakouts enough to suggest I try RxZema®. It felt soothing so I kept using it to reduce the itching but the affected areas began to shrink and eventually disappeared. Now, I'm a lifelong customer!"

David B., Arizona

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